Hey have you checked out the paranormal comedy web series 'Spooked'? Its 3rd episode guest stars Tom Lenk (Andrew Wells of BTVS). You can watch it on Hulu or Geek and Sundry's Youtube channel :)

No I haven’t! I’ll make sure to check it out, although hulu isn’t available in my country. Hopefully the youtube channel will work! :)

I’ve noticed that i’ve been getting some more followers on this blog recently, and I no longer post here. I changed the url of my personal blog to gayworth a while ago and I’ve been posting a bit more buffy on there recently if anyone wants to follow. I might delete this blog soon to free up the url, so if anyone wants it, just message me!

Holly xo

Hi everyone!
As you’ve probably already noticed, I don’t post on this blog anymore. I still post on my personal blog and I also have other ones, but I don’t post that much buffy anymore. Thank you to everyone who followed this blog, and I won’t feel bad if you decide to unfollow. I’ll kept it here as a sort of ‘archive’ if anyone still wants to reblog stuff or have a look. Also, if anyone wants to take over the blog, just message me! It’ll be nice for it to get some good use out of it! I didn’t exactly have many followers in the first place, but I guess it would be nice to contribute to a blog rather than make a whole new buffy blog for the sake of it.
Thanks again!
Holly xoxoxo

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Happy Halloween!

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